Vitamin A has various positive effects in the eyes and is important for vision.

For example, rhodopsin, a substance that is important for viewing objects, is synthesized from vitamin A.




Positive effects of Vitamin A in the eyes

Vitamin A plays a role in the treatment of the vicious circle. Vitamin A is known as the “vitamin for the eyes.” Indeed, the vitamin is effective in treating nyctalopia. Recent studies have shown that it can prevent the eyes from losing its
functions, and it has been a topic of interest.
Moreover, vitamin A accelerates the production of mucin, a substance that moisturizes and retains tears in the eye surface. Tears have several components that help maintain healthy eyes. In addition, they promote the production of hyaluronic acid, a polymer that
protects and repairs corneal epithelial cells.
The vitamin treats the vicious circle that causes eye
fatigue and haze because of its different actions.


Aging causes two changes in the eyes

The eye loses its focusing ability with age. You gradually experience difficulty in focusing on close objects. When your focusing ability goes down, you feel some difficulty in your daily life. In addition, tears change with age. Although the change is not noticeable, tear amount decreases with increasing age, and mucin, which retains tears in the eye surface, decreases. Tear has three layers. The outer layer is an oily layer that prevents moisture evaporation. The middle layer is an aqueous layer, which carries nutrients to the cornea and conjunctiva. The inner layer is a mucin layer, which retains the whole tears in the eye surface. When the amount of tears decreases, the cornea is easily scratched, which causes a vicious circle and eye fatigue.




Lion’s long-term studies on Vitamin A

Lion has established the benefits of vitamin A for the eyes and developed Eye drops that contain vitamin A. About 30 years ago, Lion started conducting studies on vitamin A. Since then, new results were obtained, and these results are described below :



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