There are habits in life that negatively affect to vision health, but you do not realize it. Follow the 3 points of note below to actively avoid harmful factors and take care of your eyes health!

  1. Sitting and working in a well-lit place

The habit of working in the dark or in low light places, using only the light emitted from the screen can cause tired eyes, leading to reduced the ability of seeing.

When working, you should choose to sit in a place with natural light or turn on a yellow light with a moderate level to balance the surrounding light. Meanwhile, the eyes will be better regulated because the light is enough to shine on the screen, supporting the observation process.


  1. Take a nap in a comfortable position

Poor napping: Falling down on a table, putting hands on eyes, etc. can increase pressure on the eyeball. Blurred vision is considered the first symptom that “announce” the eyes have been suppressed because of sleeping improperly!

When taking a nap at the office, you should lean back in the chair with a soft, comfortable pillow to get the most comfortable sleeping position and keep eyes healthy.


  1. Check eyes health periodically

Many people often “forget” the routine vision health check because they are busy or they have not felt the importance of “keeping on track” the eyes condition.

Checking eyes health every 1 – 2 years is a necessary habit to understand the observation ability. More careful, you should maintain the habit of visiting the doctor every 6 months for eye exams.

It would be better to care the eyes by eye drops containing Vitamin A from Japan, help replenish good nutrients, also take time to rest to restore vision. The micronutrients inside this “friend” help improve blurry, strained, itchy, red eyes due to working too long with the blue light from the computer screen and smart phone or being stressed after many hours of continuous work, adding energy to make eyes more healthy and radiant.

Note the eyes care “tip” to save the energy for vision!

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