Although having a job brings income and the sense of happiness, it sometimes causes stress and health problems among us.
Especially, the outside working environment which be mainly on the street, such as motorbike drivers, shippers, community sanitation workers, etc., always be affected by smog and dust. It can cause health problems because of losing eyes functions.

Specifically, there are issues:

– Eye problems, such as Itchy eyes are caused by strange objects (insects…) , or exposure to smoking vehicle, dust, etc.
– Continuous activities for long time or being blown directly and constantly by the wind lead to eye fatigue or blurred vision.

Therefore , to avoid the diseases and improve the tired eyes by these following ways:
– Always use glasses to protect the eyes:
Strong ultra-violet (UV) radiation causes bloodshot eyes. Using sunglasses to protect your sensitive eyes from UV radiation, especially during the seasons when UV radiation is strong (spring and summer).

– Do not rub your eyes when dust gets in
Remove dust from the eyes so as not to affect the eyes.

– Keep your eyes relaxed for a while
The muscle tissue that adjusts the focus of the eye, from near to far, is called the ciliary muscle. When that muscle gets exhausted, you experience tired eyes. The muscle’s ability to focus the eye decreases with age. When drivers focus on driving, the ciliary muscle becomes exhausted and, as a result, eyes become tired. Doing eye exercises to take a quick break for your eyes (see “8 useful exercises” for eyes).

– Wash your eyes cleanly after a working day
In the evening, it would be better to use Eyemiru Wash from Japan to clean deeply and remove dirt. Beside that, it helps the eyes relax and reduce fatigue. As a result, eye condition can be improved and “recharged” for the next working day.

You should keep your eyes always be in good condition to drive safely!

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