To optimize the cost stream for small and midsize businesses, business owners always require an employee to be more versatile, do more works & tasks in the same time. If you can meet them, your position of job will be upgraded very fast, but the price tag is there’s a lot of pressure and stress coming along with deadlines issues.

Refer to the following 5 ways to minimize stress and handle deadlines at workplace easily:

  1. Make a list

Whether writing on a calendar or on a piece of paper or using an application on a smartphone or tablet, maintaining a list of deadlines, as well as any contact information that related to the project and expected results are needed. One of the leading causes of job stress is not being aware of when the project deadlines come or who is responsible for each task. Therefore, you should make the habit of forming a list for each project that can reduce this stress.

  1. Exercise

Although it may be difficult but doing exercise can improve your mood, enhance energy and concentration. Experts say at least 30 minutes of exercise increases the heart rate. If it is too difficult to fit the schedule job at office, split it into a few 15-minute sessions or even three 10-minute sessions.

  1. Nutrition

When faced with “deadlines”, many people often take little care of their meals. They often choose to eat lunch or have dinner with fast food to save time. However, few know that eating properly can reduce stress because low blood sugar can make people feel more uncomfortable and nervous. Eating divided into smaller meals more often can help maintain a stable blood glucose level, increasing concentration and increasing energy. Vegetables are better healthy choice than coke or snacks.

  1. Go to work earlier

Instead of “runnning like hell” into the office in the morning and rush to the desk, try to leave the house 10-15 minutes to start a more interesting working day.

  1. Take a break

According to some studies, stress in small doses can actually be a good thing as it provides the energy and motivation for you to complete the task. However, when over-burdened, it can have negative effects on your body and mind, especially for women as well. Excessive stress can lead to depression and physical health problems like cardiovascular disease.

Finding a problem-solving approach to achieve the goals of the project effectively and timely working time can help you reduce stress and double your productivity while improving your health. Achieving that goal may require changing some work patterns and habits, especially in times of “deadline” at the workplace. It would be better to have a supportive colleague so you can take a break even very short break to get your energy back.

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